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Hike Metal Products Ltd


324 Milo Rd
Wheatley ON N0P 2P0



Since 1958, and through the early years of our ship building, we enjoyed a modest but steady growth supporting our local fishing industry with new vessels and on-going repairs.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, we realized that we needed to redefine our corporate goals and the strategies we would use to achieve them. In part, this included diversifying and expanding our product range, which included the boats, ships, and vessels that we could build. It also included delivery and after-sales service for domestic and international clients. Our facilities were restructured to provide the most efficient, modern and well-equipped shipbuilding, boatbuilding, and repair operation in the Great Lakes. This upgrade resulted in the "rebirth" of our company as the world-class boat builder that we are today. Centrally and strategically located on the north shore of Lake Erie near Detroit USA and Windsor Canada with direct access to the St Lawrence Seaway, we are ideally situated to access key suppliers throughout North America , and also deliver our custom built vessels to customers globally.

Our highly skilled team, many of whom have been with us since the company's inception, is one of our greatest assets. They pass on their skills of craftsmanship to younger generations. We maintain a "family" of "Master Boat Builders".

We have cultivated an attitude of pride and performance with every new boat, ship, or repair we build, and we also encourage individual creativity and initiative. This is evident in every phase of the process. Our team continues to improve, raising the standard for both quality and value. We have grown to be a manufacturer with one of the largest portfolio's of rugged, high performance custom built boats, ships and vessels in the world. Our reputation has grown to be internationally recognized for its versatility, reliability, and competitiveness. We are proud of the quality vessels that we build and of our company, but we are most proud of the people who build them. The value we have placed on human resources has been a rewarding one, one which we attribute our continuing success.


We look forward to receiving your inquiries. You can rely on us to deliver quality and integrity in all of our work, whether you are planning a new construction project or need a repair.


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