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Buff Works Ceramic Coating, PPF & Detailing

Our Promise to you: We will match our services specific to your unique vehicle and circumstance to protect your asset and preserve the value of your investment at an honest and fair cost.


Buff Works Ceramic Coating, PPF & Detailing


191 Wyckoff Rd
Freehold New York 12431
United States


518- 653- 7649

"I think that what makes us unique is that we are a small, up-and-coming family."
owned business. We are a small business but we make the most of it
We focus all our attention on the vehicles of our customers. We believe in quality
of work not quantity. We are heavily rooted and faith based in God and believe
Honesty, humility, and full transparency throughout the entire process.
We also understand that it is all about the customer, not about us. We invest
"Education and training"


About Freehold

Freehold is a hamlet in the town of Greenville in Greene County, New York, United States. It has the ZIP Code 12431, and its own fire district. The hamlet is centered on the junction of New York State Route 32 and Greene County Route 67. There are several buildings there, such as the firehouse and a general store. It is located in The Northern Catskill Mountains of Greene County; the range's northern escarpment dominates the view south from Freehold.

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