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Lynx Concrete Coatings

Lynx Concrete Coatings: Embrace the Swiftness of the Lynx - Toledo's Choice for Rapid, One-Day Garage Epoxy Transformations, Merging Speed with Excellence


Lynx Concrete Coatings


1580 Holloway Rd.
Holland Ohio 43528
United States



Lynx Concrete Coatings is a Holland, Ohio-based company that specializes in applying polyurea and polyaspartic epoxy concrete floor coatings to homes and businesses throughout Northwest Ohio. Our durable and long-lasting coatings protect concrete floors from damage and come in a variety of colors and finishes."


About Holland

Holland is a village in eastern Springfield Township, Lucas County, Ohio, United States. Holland is a suburb of Toledo. The population was 1,664 at the 2020 census. == History == The first name of the village was Drakes, which possibly came from the name of a family or was in reference to the large number of geese that did and still fly over the area. Later the crossroads called itself Hardy, which is probably taken from Samuel Hardy, who was one of the signers of a document (along with Thomas Jefferson, Arthur Lee and James Monroe) that ceded the northwest territories of Virginia to the government of the United States.



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